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Key Points to Get Ranked in Search Engine-Best SEM Strategies

5 Dec 2018 | 744 Views | Blog Detail


Search engine marketing is a standout amongst the best approaches to develop your business in an increasingly competitive marketplace. It is the best method to advance your products and develop your business.

The most effective techniques change very frequently as search engines modify their algorithms. Essentially, search engines use complex programs to guarantee that their visitors read relevant content.

In this guide, you'll learn an overview of search engine marketing strategies to generate prominent rankings:

What are Search Engine Marketing Strategies?

1. Keyword research

Keywords are the starting point of Search Engine Marketing strategies.

Do a detailed research as a part of your keyword management strategy before selecting your keywords. This research will help you in finding out the negative keywords or search terms and activities that you should ignore in your marketing campaign. There are several keywords which have a high profitable intent or a strong indication that the searcher is in the decision of buying something. Examples are Buy, Discount, Deal, Coupon, Free shipping and others.

Another vital factor is Keyword grouping and account structure. A properly designed and structured account contains five elements in the following order

1. Ad campaigns

2. Ad groups

3. Keywords

4. Ad text

5. Landing pages

6. Links

2. Links

Link building is the most important element in optimizing your website for search engines. The website saturation, visibility, awareness and popularity are measured by search engines in terms of the number of inbound links the site has. Most of the search engines include link awareness as one of their criteria in the ranking algorithm.

Shortened URL’s

URL shortener is an online tool that converts a long URL into its short form. URL’s are usually shortened because of the following reason:

1. Some media have characters limits. For example, twitter

2. Short URL’s have appeals the user

3. Some URL shortener tools come with traffic monitors.

You can monitor and evaluate on the number of clicks the shortened URL has achieved over a period of time

4. Web Analytics

Measurement is always the first step to control and to improvement. Web analytics will ensure that you measure from the simple traffic counts to more data in detail.

5. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Lots of people know about social media but less of its marketing techniques. The understanding of social media marketing which is the business aspect is typically more limited. Social media marketing is a superb way for businesses to fulfill their objectives in terms of building brand equity, improving customer service, reaching new customers and collecting customer feedback. Companies that create social media content that provides value to others, connect with their customers in a profitable way.

6. Email Marketing

Email marketing has been a pillar for any business attempting to generate and increase sales via the internet. It provides direct contact with clients and allows you to drive prospective customers to your website easily with just a click.

With the email marketing, you can provide updates, exciting news, reminders, etc. to your customers in a matter of minutes and at the same time you can use these newsletters as printable, direct mail pieces or even flyers. When using the right tools, sending out emails that look professional and represent your business the way you want it can be so simple.

People want brands they can trust, companies that they have well built relationship with, communications that are personalized and relevant, and offers tailored to their needs and preferences.

Which Search Engine Should I Focus On?

There are two important search engines for PPC advertising, Google Adwords and Yahoo/Bing.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords provides customers an opportunity to market their products or services in Google search engine. Adwords uses text ads that will be promoted when people search for keywords that are related to your business or product. What you want to do is place a bid on some series of catchy phrases or keywords that are related to your products, services, business or site.

The main advantage of using Google Adwords which is very profitable is that you can bid as many keywords as you want, but you will pay only if users click on your pay per clicks ad. Pay per clicks ads will be displayed as short text ad with a title and a small description. Some of the other benefits in using Adwords for promoting and marketing your business, one is that you can reach a large number of users using Google Adwords. This will provide a number of opportunities to your business or company.

You can have full control over your ad like and how you want to manage it, where and when it should be displayed and how much you will have to pay for per click depending on the rate of clicks. The budget is extremely fair and selective for all business.

Yahoo!/Bing Search Marketing

Another search engine marketing alongside Google is the search engine which gets a maximum number of searches per day is Yahoo. You need to sign up on Yahoo search marketing platform to promote and advertise your product in Yahoo!/Bing network. The major advantage of using this network is the alliance between Yahoo! and Bing Search. This platform works in a similar way to which Google Adwords where you can select a set of keywords related to your business or product and promote an ad to be displayed in the search results in which you will have to pay only for the number of clicks you receive.

Yahoo!/Bing search marketing has its own set of advantages such as reaching out to a new set of potential clients who do not use Google for search

Yahoo! and Bing search engines have a high publicity and it is proved in a research that users who use Yahoo! and Bing spend more time than the average internet user and they equally spend more time, there are greater chances for conversion and the last benefit is that it's less expensive than Google Adwords as the competition is less

What Is Paid Search Advertising?

Paid search advertising refers to any search process or method where results are dictated by payment from advertisers. Although, many expert term paid search with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, a particular kind of business relationship where advertisers pay search engines when ads are clicked, which gives the search engine entity incentive to display the ads as search results.

Paid search advertising is often contrasted and related to organic search, or search results that aren’t related on any commercial and profitable arrangement. Organic search results are "natural" or "real" results in that they are based on an algorithm designed to transfer the most relevant and useful results to users. Paid search advertising results, in another form are skewed by a contractual promotion plan between the advertiser and the search engine host.

Although it’s fair to approach the responsive value of any search engine marketing plan on a case-by-case basis, experts have their own ideas about achievable results from PPC and how effective and profitable paid search is in general for business.

Those who work as SEO experts and online advertising companies will often display the results of past campaigns to promote their arguments, but due to the very robust nature of the Web, it’s difficult to generalize about the efficiency of any type of online marketing strategy.

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