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SEM: An Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All Business

27 Nov 2018 | 349 Views | Blog Detail


Search Engine Marketing is a digital marketing approach to boost awareness and create traffic to a website search engine results. This is primarily done through paid advertising and it is one of the most efficient methods of business growth in a highly competitive marketplace. With rapid increase of business striving towards a target, search engine marketing is definitely the extra needed to be ahead.

This is a rapid increase in the number of inquires made by costumers online towards items which are available online for sale. Costumers use the internet to do relevant research of products and view services before they do any transaction and with the unprecedented growth in online activity, all business should take up the advantages of SEM to bring increase to visitors on their websites because it is an important component for marketing, advertising and promoting business.

Why Should I Use SEM?

Improve brand awareness:
SEM gives significant exposure and awareness for your brand. There are literally millions of online search every day and 80% of search ads improves brand awareness by the same percentage thereby reaching out to lots of potential customers. Though your ads may not receive multiple clicks which will redirect to your website but your brands continues to stay at the top related search and remains visible

It is a dependable traffic source

Types Of Search Engine Marketing

Types Of Search engine marketing ads networks mostly used are two basic search networks that search engine marketing experts focus on are Google AdWords and the Bing Ads.

Google AdWords is divided into two networks: Google Search Network and Google Display Network. Google search network consists exclusively of search-related websites owned by Google, while the google display network includes properties such as YouTube, Blogger and Gmail.

The Bing Ads because of their alliance with Yahoo,allows customers to buy ads on both the Yahoo’s network of websites and Bing’s network.

However, Google AdWords is a larger network and the price is often more cheap on Bing Ads. Marketers could be able to get a better rank for a competitive keyword phrase for less than they get on Google.

How Does Search Engine Marketing Work?

SEM uses what is known as a sophisticated algorithms to ensure the required results are received per click with relevant informations. To get the required visibility may be difficult as there are a lot of competition also, it is therefore vital to go for the paid search advertising. In the category of paid search advertising, the paid ads is positioned at the top or side of the search engine page, when users search online using keywords. Your ads will be displayed and also as a related search results.

As a customer looking for a product or service online, you go using a search engine and type in your search terms (also known as keywords). Ads will be displayed at eye catching locations on the page – along with the other relevant search listings that match the keywords used. The paid listings are highly relevant to the specific search, making it likely that the users will click on them and get the information they want. Though it is not important to use all components of search engine marketing but having a blend of all component is not a bad choice either. It will only improve awareness in all forms.

From the marketer's view, search engine marketing networks are self-serve operations and functions. When the marketer selects the network, he or she can get a campaign up within a short period of time.

When campaign is set within an SEM network, the marketer is prompted to:

  • Select a set of keywords related to their website or product;
  • Select a geographic location for the ad to be displayed within;
  • Create a text-based ad to display in the search results;
  • Bid on a price they are willing to pay for each click on their ad.
  • Text-only ads are easy to produce. Marketers put in a headline, text of their for the body of the ad, a call-to-action and a URL for the hyperlink for the website.

How To Do Search Engine Marketing?

It is noticeable through search engine marketing that major number of web traffic on a website KS from related web search. For major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing they have certain ground rule of major standards for creating search engine promotion. There are two different ways of advertising using search engines and they are search engine optimization and paid search advertising. Search engine optimization is a method of developing a website whereby the content get top rankings on search results while the paid search advertising as discussed above is just simply the purchase of paid listings using selected keywords.

To effectively use the search engine marketing to attract the necessary traffic to your website, you need to:

Hire a SEO expert or marketing professional: Although you can learn how to structure and develop the search engine marketing, it is important to employ someone with top experience who can create the platform and develop the vital changes needed for your website. You can develop a budget of a search engine marketing executive.

Use a Search Engine for Advertising

Research vital keywords : Deciding which keywords are very commercial and beneficial for your website will profitable for search engine optimization and paid search advertising.

Conduct searches using what you decided to be your most popular keywords : Compare the relevance based on your competition. If that search results brings up competitors and other products that offers the services you offer, then you may try to get a larger share of that market. If the search results don't bring up similar products to yours, change your terms to try to find more specific words that will be more profitable.

Try some paid advertising for research : Set up Pay-Per-Click campaigns using your top keywords on Google AdWords for example. Determine the number of sales made for your ad to get a percentage.

Analyze the commercial value of your keywords by establishing the profit you get from the clicks you receive . Consider how much money you reap per 100 visitors. For example, if you receive 1000 clicks from a PPC ad promotion and you make a profit of an amount of money then you can determine the value of one click.

Develop your website with a clear hierarchy: Each website should have at least 1 fixed text link. In order for a link to be popular in all related search and achieve high search engine ranking, it should be easy to find, remember and quick access.

Avoid hiding your keywords inside rich media: While JavaScript and web developing tools might improve the outlook of your website, the information in your site will be hidden so that search engine crawlers cannot see it. Select a straight forward web design whenever possible, easily accessible and use.

Use simple URLs that contain your keywords: Each page of your website with important content should contain at least 1 of your profitable and commercial keywords. Simplify your URLs before you post content to your site.

Hire writers to create content: To get higher ranking on search engines, articles, videos, tutorials and other content should contain your profitable keywords in the URL, headline, first sentence and first paragraphs. This concentration wilol improve your website ranks in search results.

Use landing pages: Creating a visually appealing page for your content that focus on your customer's needs will increase your conversion rate. Landing pages can be set up to monitor vital search engine data, so that you can evaluate them next to your website homepage.

Develop high-quality content: Most search engines propose that you invest in high-quality, customer oriented content which costumers can relate with. The more you motivate people to return to your website, the more popular the link is and the ranking will be higher on search engines.

What Are Search Engine Marketing Strategies?

Getting the right awareness, publicity and traffic to your website using a search engine results page can be challenging and if you're not utilizing the proper strategies it could become worse. The information asymmetry makes search engine marketing strategy difficult to implement reason being that SEO experts lack the major information about major search engines algorithms for high ranked site. Their are no 100% effective strategy for search engine marketing but there are 4 major elements which can be used and are effective, which will be explained in my next Blog is divided into four parts:

  • Positive On-Page SEO Signals
  • Positive Off-Page SEO Signals
  • Negative On-Page SEO Signals
  • Negative Off-Page SEO Signals

A search engine marketing strategy should guarantee that the positive on-page and off-page signals are increases while concurrently ensuring that that negative on-page and off-page signals decreases. However, before going into what elements and signals should be considered in a search engine marketing strategy, it is probably necessary to explain a few key terms.

Search Engine Marketing strategies are blend of all these activities. But it is mostly known by the term Pay-per-click ads. These ads are more of visual and product awareness based that gives fast information at a glance to the users. In simple words, Search Engine Marketing strategies are anything that you do to improve your site’s ranking in search engines and in turn pulling the traffic to your site.

Search Engine Marketing Strategies

To excel in Search Engine Marketing strategies what must be done first is to create a SEM plan which is specifically designed document prepared by experts in the field of search engine marketing.

Here are few points for creating Search Engine Marketing strategies plan.

  • Who is your target audience? Do a research and carry out a survey to find out who actually wants to visit your site before you execute your plan
  • Define your goals. What is your main target and through which medium you are going to achieve the set target?
  • Prepare the tools for SEM. For instance, Keyword analysis tool will help in finding out the keywords which will just right for your business
  • Test your keywords often and include fresh content to the website and update your web design regularly.
  • Start with your link building technique. Develop your links in blogs, forums and other websites which will boost your search engine rankings
  • Don't be static to just your website, create some videos and post them on YouTube for example.
  • Include write-ups and articles about your site in article submission sites and give a link to your site along with the article
  • Update blog or RSS feed on a regular basis.

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