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BetaClub Data Protection Policy

Last updated: September 18, 2018.


BetaClub means the name of the company/trade name.

GDPR: : refers to the general regulation on data protection.

User: refers to the name of the person responsible for data protection within BetaClub

System registry: register of all systems or contexts in which personal data are processed by BetaClub

1. Principles of Data Protection

BetaClub undertakes to process the data in accordance with its responsibilities under the GDPR.

Article 5 of the RGPD requires that personal data be:

Treated in a lawful, fair and transparent manner vis-à-vis individuals;

  • Collected for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes and not be further processed in a manner incompatible with those purposes; any further processing for archival purposes in the public interest, for scientific or historical research purposes or for statistical purposes will not be considered inconsistent with the original objectives;
  • Adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary in relation to the purposes for which they are processed;
  • Accurate and, if necessary, kept up to date; all reasonable steps must be taken to ensure that inaccurate personal data, with regard to the purposes for which they are processed, are erased or rectified without delay;
  • Kept in a form allowing the identification of data subjects for a period not exceeding the time necessary for the processing of personal data; personal data may be stored for longer periods to the extent that the personal data will be processed solely for archival purposes in the public interest, for scientific or historical research purposes or for statistical purposes, subject to the application of the technical and organizational measures required by the GDPR to protect the rights and freedoms of individuals; and
  • Processed in such a way as to ensure the appropriate security of personal data, including protection against unauthorized or unlawful processing and against accidental loss, destruction or damage, using appropriate technical or organizational measures.

2. General Provisions

This policy applies to all personal data processed by BetaClub

The User is responsible for the continued compliance of this policy.

This policy must be reviewed at least once a year.

BetaClub must register with the Office of the Information Commissioner as an organization processing personal data.

3. Legal, Fair and Transparent Treatment

In order for data processing to be lawful, fair and transparent, BetaClub will maintain a system registry.

The system register must be reviewed at least once a year.

Individuals have the right to access their personal data and any such request addressed to BetaClub must be processed in a timely manner.

4. Legal Purposes

All data processed by BetaClub must be made on one of the following legal bases: consent, contract, legal obligation, vital interests, public task or legitimate interests.

BetaClub will note the appropriate legal basis in the system register.

Where consent is invoked as the legal basis for the processing of data, proof of prior consent must be preserved with the personal data.

When communications are sent to individuals on the basis of their consent, the possibility for the individual to revoke consent should be clearly available and systems should be in place to ensure that the revocation is accurately reflected in the systems.

5. Data Minimization

BetaClub will ensure that the personal data are adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary for the purposes for which they are processed

6. Precision

BetaClub will take reasonable steps to ensure the accuracy of the personal data.

Where necessary to the legal basis on which data are processed, measures must be put in place to ensure that personal data are kept up to date.

7. Archiving/Deleting

To ensure that personal data is not kept more than necessary, BetaClub will put in place an archiving policy for each area in which the personal data is processed and will review this process each year.

The archiving policy should consider what data should / should be kept, for how long and why.

8. Security

BetaClub will ensure that personal data is stored securely using updated modern software.

Access to personal data should be restricted to staff requiring access and appropriate security should be in place to prevent unauthorized sharing of information.

When personal data is deleted, it must be done safely so that the data is unrecoverable.

Appropriate backup and disaster recovery solutions must be in place.

9. Violation

In case of security breach resulting in the destruction, loss, alteration, disclosure or unauthorized access to personal data, BetaClub quickly assesses the risk of the rights and freedoms of individuals and, where appropriate, report this violation to

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